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In 2007, a group of Tipton County women came together to discuss issues facing women and girls. Realizing that projects and organizations needed support to improve conditions and opportunities for women of all ages, abilities, needs, and backgrounds, the Women’s Fund of the Tipton County Foundation was established as a permanent endowment. The fund continues to grow, and provides a way for all community members to address these needs of women and girls. Grants are awarded to help nonprofit organizations committed to increasing options and opportunities for women and girls in Tipton County.

The Aim of the Women’s Fund

“Women and girls with roots in Tipton County unite their charitable giving through the Women’s Fund of the Tipton County Foundation. Our grantmaking creates a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant community where women are empowered to reach their full potential.”

The Women’s Fund would like to invite your local group or organization to apply for funding to support your efforts relating to women and girls.

Our Focus

The Women’s Fund is particularly interested in funding programming in the following areas:

Intergenerational Interaction

Program ideas might include things like surrogate grandmother/granddaughter or an intergenerational book club using mixed media, and would focus on building communities of interest regardless of age.

Understanding Consequences

Program ideas might include things like Internet Protection for Teens, “Sexting,” Differences between Reality, Reality Television, and Scripted Television, Media Images, Support for Teen Moms, and Anti-Bullying.

Women Supporting Women

Programs where women are helping empower other women.

Maintaining a Sense of Self

Program ideas might include Opportunities for Positive Social Interaction for Stay-at-Home-Moms, Continuing Education, Developing Communities of Interest, Transportation and Outreach, Arts, Literacy, Finance, and Self-Respect.

Any projects which contain these elements as major themes will be given preference during the funding process. Projects should demonstrate significant impact, collaboration, innovation, as well as outreach to all women of all ages, abilities, needs, and backgrounds.

Announcement of awards will be at the Women’s Fund Afternoon Tea on the second Sunday of June. All those applying for funds are asked to be represented at the Tea. You will be notified of your status by June 1.

The Tipton County Foundation cannot make grants to individuals; therefore, individuals with creative ideas are encouraged to work with a nonprofit organization to submit a proposal. If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact Lori Tragesser of the Tipton County Foundation at 765-675-1941 or women@tiptoncf.org.

Women’s Fund Grant Proposal

Complete your brief and direct proposal including the following information:

Applicant Information

  • Organization Name

  • Contact Person and Title

  • Mailing Address, Phone, Email Address, Website

  • IRS Classification 501(c)(3) or other

  • Mission of Organization

Project Overview

  • Project Title

  • Amount Requested from the Women’s Fund

  • Please clearly and concisely describe your project, emphasizing the impact the program will have on women and/or girls in Tipton County.

  • Describe the activities you plan to complete to meet your objectives. Include specific goals, actions, as well as a likely timeline.


Describe how you will know your program was a success. How many people will be directly served by this grant? How will you identify them?


Identify other organizations with which you will be collaborating on this grant. Describe their role, and any conditions you may have with them.


  • Please share the budget for the proposed project; include all expenses, funding from other sources, in-kind donations, and additional funds you may plan to pursue.

  • List and describe other grant proposals, events, mailings, and campaigns with time frames, goals for number and amount of contributions, projected expenses, and net proceeds anticipated.

Please submit the completed application by May 15.
Mail: Women’s Fund, Tipton County Foundation, P.O. Box 412,Tipton, IN 46072

Record of Achievement

Together we have raised over $165,000 in endowed funds, which will never be spent, BUT will forever provide funding for programs that empower women and girls in Tipton County. We have granted over $23,000 to the following programs…

  • Be*YOU*tiful – We are excited to share that one of this year’s grants (with additional funding from the Phillip & LaKeita Legg Fund) was awarded to both Tipton and Tri-Central Middle Schools for a new program.

Adult and high school vo
lunteers from the community will provide four sessions during school with an end celebration for 6th grade girls at Tipton and 6th & 7th grade girls at Tri-Central. Activities, videos, and discussions will focus on self-esteem, body image, bullying, and the use of social media.

  • Turn Pink with Tipton Breast Health Awareness Events – IU Health Tipton Hospital has hosted two annual breast health awareness events with Breast Surgeon and Radiologist talks, information booths, and free health screenings.
  • Women’s Safety Project – Alternatives placed cardholders with Domestic Violence helpline information in women’s restrooms throughout the community.
  • Tipton Community Theatre Tap Dance Workshop – an introduction to tap dance all day workshop for mothers, daughters, and friends.
  • Women’s Heart Health – IU Health Tipton Hospital hosted a talk on heart health from an IU Health Cardiologist along with a presentation from a dietician on incorporating heart healthy food into your diet.
  • Into Your History – a Tipton Public Library program for girls to take a hands-on approach to digging into their family history.
  • Beautiful You! – a Boys & Girls Club program for 4th to 8th Grade Girls, empowering them to develop a more positive self-evaluation.
  • Building Self…Building Community – a four-session self-discovery journey for women of all ages.
  • Creative Woman in You – an enrichment program to encourage women of any age in the areas of painting, creative writing, and photography.
  • Annie’s Project – an education program for women agribusiness owners.
  • High School Fitness Training – a program to increase high school girls’ access to appropriate physical fitness equipment.
  • Senior Women Lectures – a three part series on Housing Options, Legal Issues, and a Health Information Fair.
  • Girls Rock! – a leadership development program for girls ages 10 – 13.

Our Invitation

You have a valuable opportunity to honor the generations of women of wisdom who made a difference in our lives. Like them, we need to be strong examples for the young girls who depend on us to show them the way.

One of the vital roles you can play is one of thoughtful philanthropist… a woman of great heart and mind. You can make a very real difference by combining your charitable giving with that of others. Make a personally significant investment of time, talent, and treasure in the Women’s Fund, and encourage others to do the same.

Help us ensure that women and girls with homes, businesses, or roots in Tipton County are empowered to reach their full potential.

Kindly click the button to make an online contribution via credit card, or mail your check payable to TCF, PO Box 412, Tipton, IN 46072. Please write "Women's Fund" on the memo line.

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