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The Tipton County Foundation is accredited in compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations™, a program that establishes legal, ethical, effective practices in philanthropy.

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Lori Tragesser
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Chad Huff

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Starting an Endowment Fund:
Questions to Consider

  1. How much do you want to grant each year?
  2. For what purposes? (If scholarships, use the Scholarship Questionnaire below instead.)
  3. Charities to be selected according to changing needs each year, by the Foundation's Grantmaking Committee and Board. (Unrestricted Charitable Grantmaking Fund)
  4. Specific charities for all time (Designated Fund)
    ( )church
    ( )alma mater
    ( )local causes
    ( )other organizations
  5. How much is available to start the Fund? How will this amount be increased in the future?
  6. How soon would you like to start the Fund? How soon would you like to make the first grant?

Starting a Scholarship Fund:
Questions to Consider

  1. How large a grant do you want to award?
  2. Just upon high school graduation, or all four years?
  3. Only for college education? Or for vocational school, other experiences?
  4. Any particular institution? Any particular major or career goal?
  5. From what school(s) should the recipient be? (Tipton, Tri-Central, Other, Home-Schooled)
  6. Who should select the recipient?
  7. Upon what criteria should the selection be based?
  8. How much is available to start the Fund? How will this amount be increased in the future?
  10. How soon would you like to start the Fund? How soon would you like to make the first grant?

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Each year, the Foundation applies some of the earnings from its investments to the various individual Funds that have been established at TCF since its founding in 1986. Primarily, this is “operating money.” Each Fund can use these earnings for the grants it makes to fulfill its intended purposes. Most of the Funds at TCF are “Endowed,” made up of donations that can never be spent. These endowments receive an extra payout from the Foundation’s earnings to help them accumulate and not lose value to inflation over time.

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