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The Tipton County Foundation is accredited in compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations™, a program that establishes legal, ethical, effective practices in philanthropy.

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Summary Report

A printable "PDF" of the Foundation's Annual Report of Financial Progress, Grants, and Scholarships may be downloaded with this link: 2014 Report

Total Assets  $33,390,748
Contributions $3,115,910

Major Gifts/Bequests






United Community Fund


Regular Contributions

+Fees 288,964

+Other Income

+TCF Own Endowments 210,241
+Investments (Net)  1,328,388
Total Revenue  $5,017,732
Community Benefits $ 1,440,217
Management & General  338,177
Fundraising  32,630
Total Expenses $1,811,024

Sustainability of the Tipton County Foundation

Donors occasionally contribute to TCF’s management and operation, butTCF currently conducts no campaign for its own benefit —only for the causes supported by its various funds.

Sustainability for the management expenses comes from the proceeds of our investments in two ways. One way is by the proportional share allocated directly to the Foundation’s own operating endowments. The other is from the fee (lowest in Indiana) paid by each component fund —out of the proceeds TCF itself allocated to the Fund!

Sustainability refers to policies and procedures that ensure that any community benefit organization will have the resources to advance its mission today, while also enhancing its ability to do so in the future.

Accordingly, we give the name “Sustainability Fee” to the fees charged to component funds. There are costs associated with administering a fund, and the Foundation itself. These costs include the bookkeeping and auditing of each fund as well as staff time devoted to investment oversight, making grants, acknowledging contributions, and exercising the required due diligence over grants to nonprofits or scholarship recipients.

The Foundation, therefore, charges a modest fee to help pay for these professional services. With support from these fees and its operating endowments, the Foundation can track and respond to community needs, convene discussions of important issues, and help to bring additional resources to bear on Tipton County’s charitable needs.

The fees charged to TCF component funds are not paid from contributed money, but from the allocations paid to each fund by TCF. There is no fee charged to set up an endowed fund at the Tipton County Foundation, nor do they pay transaction fees.

Notes to Annual Report

  1. The Grantmaking Committee recommends to the Board of Directors approval of proposals from community organizations for projects that seek Foundation support. Although funds are limited, groups engaged in charitable projects are invited to review the guidelines for grant proposals found at www.tiptoncf.org/grants.htm on the Foundation’s website.

  2. The scholarship information listed in the printed report include only payments actually made from funds managed by the Foundation. Tipton and Tri-Central students (and alumni) receive hundreds of thousands in annual and financial aid dollars not reported here. For information on the TCF's role visit www.tiptoncf.org/scholarships.htm.

  3. Component Funds are all the endowed and non-endowed funds that are established with a particular purpose, including our Unrestricted Community Grantmaking Endowment and General Sustainability Endowment and others that help underwrite the costs of doing business as a community foundation. TCF holds Agency Funds established to produce consistent support for certain incorporated non-profit organizations including churches, Field of Interest Funds that can make grants for particular kinds of projects rather than any particular agency, and donor-advised or designated funds, set up by and usually named for their principal contributor to benefit a particular group of causes each year.

  4. Management & General Expenses are those categories that are typical costs of any business. For TCF, they are less than 20% of total expenditures.

  5. Fundraising Expenses are those they help underwrite the costs of telling the Foundation's story and seeking the broad public support that is necessary for fulfilling its charitable mission. Although these vary, depending on campaigns and initiatives underway in any given year, they average less than 3% of our total expenses.

  6. Total assets include our investments in marketable securities, cash, and the value of the Foundation Office & Conference Center and the land where it is located.

IRS Federal Income Tax Forms 990

Since 2004, each year's official report to the IRS, Form 990, has been posted on our website in PDF format, and may be viewed online or printed in September, after it is filed. Click on the links in the column on the right side of this page to open a PDF of the IRS report.

Annual Reports

Click on the links in the column on the right side of this page to see a webpage summary of each year's progress and grantmaking activities.


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